Hey friend,it’s a beautiful sunny day out here in London.We don’t get to see this everyday,so I’m gonna savour every minute.

Anyway,as I sat on the train,on my way to work,I began to think.Like always,I try as much never to leave my mind idle.I began to think about waiting.

You see,waiting is a process most people will rather not experience.You know those moments when you have an expectation yet are unsure of the outcome? Yeah!Be honest;how many of us like waiting, being in the great unknown for real?You’re smiling right.I’m pretty sure if I asked you that, you’ll scream a resounding ‘NO’.Yes, those times can be so daunting.Waiting can be tough,innit? 😊

There are times when it’s hard to see the end from the beginning. Sometimes,everything in between feels like forever and a day.Days seem longer yet the years pass by like a flashing of light.Things that weight us down question our ability to overcome. Questions that scream:’Father  when will my season come?’leap from our heart.How long will I wait?

Have you ever found yourself or are you at a time where you’re saying or thinking these things?

We all go through different seasons in life and one thing I have learnt is to trust in and wait on the Lord.It’s not as easy as it sounds but the grace of God is sufficient to help us wait.

You see,when a woman conceives,she goes through all the trimesters of pregnancy.I call them the seasons of pregnancy.With the ill health and inconveniences that tag along,she doesn’t abort her pregnancy at will.For the joy set before her (the baby),she endures the cross of her pregnancy.She waits;trusting that at the end,a beautiful bouncing baby will spring forth.The baby that will erase the pains,tears and sorrows experienced during her many seasons of pregnancy.

Like a pregnant baby,you have great seeds within you.Seeds that long to come forth.Would you now abort these because times are hard?

Wait.I say wait, on the Lord.He will carry you through every season.He will give you the grace to endure.The grace to wait.The grace to overcome.Be at rest,God has all seasons covered.

Boldly say to yourself ,’I will wait.

Micah 7:7 But as for me, I will look to the LORD; I will wait for the God of my salvation; my God will hear me.


Adja Aminata







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