What kind of God is this???

What kind of God is this?
Whose feet is the HIGHEST place for worship!

What kind of God is this?
Who is EXCEEDINGLY ABLE to supply ALL needs!

What kind of God is this?
STRONG ENOUGH to hold the WHOLE WORLD in His hands!

What kind of God is this?
A LION but yet still a LAMB!

What kind of God is this?
KING of Israel yet HUMBLE enough to serve!

What kind of God is this?

What kind of God is this?
ACQUAINTED with so much GRIEF but never withholding His art of GIVING!

What kind of God is this?

What kind of God is this?
A God of JUSTICE yet still REWARDING those who diligently seek!

Ah,what kind of God is this that I serve?

Ah,What kind of God is this?
What kind of God is this?

© September 2009 Aminata Adja Dibassey

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