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  • He knows…

    It is amazing how we sometimes resist and fight God when all He is doing is to deliver us from instances or people who are of no good to our tomorrow.We strive incessantly and try to hold on unto what we ought to let go. But God,He sees ahead.He sees what we cannot see.He knows… Read more

  • Opportunities

    Opportunities present themselves to us in many ways. These can be business,work,financial ,educational ,relationship opportunities,etc. Everyday we live, an opportunity is likely to knock on our doors.When life presents us with an opportunity,we become responsible for the outcome of that opportunity. How it pans out and the reward we derive from it is down to… Read more

  • A writer’s vulnerability…

    I was in the kitchen today ,frying plantain. If you know me,you should know that plantain is Bae!!☺️I just don’t seem to understand people who have tasted but do not love plantain! You really are missing out o: ! Anyway,that’s not really where my train of thoughts were at whilst frying(My mind is always thinking;sometimes,creatively!)… Read more

  • Grieve…but don’t stay there…

    Losing a mother ,a father, a child ,a husband,wife,grandfather,grandmother or a very close individual can be one of the most difficult seasons of life.It’s a time where you’re not sure how to view life and the future …It’s a time where you see some people’s true nature…It’s a time of mixed realities.It’s a time of… Read more

  • Look to What Is Ahead

    Many times, we stay stuck on what was ,who we were, what we had and forget that there is a tomorrow we ought to live for. Life will throw so many stones at you, but you and I have to make up our mind to get up and walk again,not looking behind, unless necessary .… Read more

  • One Visit,One Call,One text,One Email…

    The world is a busy place,I know…Everyone,I believe,faces one challenge or another ;that I know too…Even in the midst of your own worries and pain,learn to make room to love on others. It can be very rewarding.One visit,one call,one text,one email,can make a difference. Don’t be so engrossed in your own challenges that you forget… Read more