Love and blessings,
Adja Amy

Be of help; even when you don’t have to!

I was excited travelling through Turkey . On my departure from Istanbul’s beautiful, big airport,I met two elderly ladies who didn’t know their left from their right . They asked for help but could only speak French creole. Being a French speaker,I managed to make sense of what they were trying to say.Thankfully ,they were headed my way, which was 25 minutes walk from where we were.They tagged along until we got to the elevator pictured above.

Now,here,I was torn between just walking away as I was running really late or still having these ladies with me. I chose to stay and led the way. when all of a sudden,I heard loud screams behind me! I looked back and there,they were, both my ladies fallen off on the escalator! It was horrible as I had to go all the way up to be able to go back down and up again to offer a hand, as there was no help in sight. Thankfully ,we made it to the top ,thanks to help from a passerby.

The eldest of the ladies was distressed and in tears . I was broken seeing her in that state and I couldn’t just leave like that . I had to reassure her that she was okay and that I was going to look for help.
I wandered around and everybody was like ‘no speak english’! How frustrating! Eventually, I met a guy who spoke Turkish and English and he helped me find help! Ouff, I was relieved that finally I could leave without the guilt of not having helped. I was glad to have helped even though I got to my gate when boarding was closing 😰🙈Lol. But, favour found me and I boarded safe!

Now,you see,I could have just told these ladies that, ‘ I’m a stranger here and I don’t know my way either’. But I didn’t ,because I still had to find my own way ,anyway!I did not have to help, but I did.

There are times when we would be faced with the opportunity to help others even when we don’t have to . What would you do if you’re faced with such at the expense of missing or losing out on something ?

Love and blessings
Adja Amy

Hand of friendship


Relationships are a very crucial aspect of life. A popular saying affirms that ‘no man is an island’. I believe that this is absolutely true!In order for man to thrive, he needs to ‘cultivate’ relationships.Relationships can include romantic,friendship,career,business relationships,etc. If anyone extends a hand of fellowship, love or friendship to you and you do not value it, it would not be long before they withdraw their hand. You are equally responsible for ensuring a relationship is functional as the other person in the relationship.
Can two walk together except they be in agreement?

Love and blessings,
Adja Amy

What If ?

La Tour Eiffel … Last year,today,I garnered the courage and made it to the 2nd floor of this magnificent architectural edifice, bearing in mind that the only height I can withstand is the sky ,in an aeroplane! Lol…It took a lot for me to actually go past the 1st floor,thanks to fear.
Having now defeated the fear of the 1st and 2nd, my goal is to now climb to the summit and laugh fear in the face!!🙈 Yes fear! It’s such an enemy of breakthroughs,progress,achievements and more!

Fear,I’ve realised keeps us from achieving so much! Fear ensnares us in a cage we do not realise we are in.Fear imprisons.What if?What if?What if? What if will always show it’s face when you’re ready to win but, would you allow it hold you back or would you go out there and be a conqueror?!🙏

PS:If you are not afraid of heights and happen to visit Paris ,you can get to the summit for a breathtaking view of the city! From floor 2,I can say it’s absolutely amazing!!! Now ,FloorAAFA9B28-D58E-4DFD-AD7C-B76833CB3405.jpeg 3!!! 😊

Half the year!


When the year began,I am pretty sure you had made ‘resolutions’(do we actually keep to them) or had set goals that you would have accomplished by now.Six months down the line,have you accomplished them? What has stopped you? What is stopping you?

I set aside what I wanted to start or brush up on by mid-year and I’m grateful I am on track. Even after losing my wonderful mother ,I still had to summon courage and through grace ,I have kept running. Albeit not easy,it’s not impossible either.

Again,what is stopping you ? Who or what is the barrier ? Look within yourself,be honest and answer these questions to your ‘self’,truthfully.

Love and Blessings,
Adja Amy

Love Like He Does

In the Word,there are so many stories and examples of the manner in which Yeshua demonstrated his love for people.
He performed miracles, fed thousands, and even still showed so much love for people like Judas Iscariot and Paul,whom he gave a second chance at life .

The beauty of it all is that,Yeshua loved those He came across with the full realisation of who they truly were:sinners,Pharisees,thieves,adulterers,unjust tax collectors,killers like David and many others.He knew their shortcomings,rebuked where necessary,but yet still loved them anyway! He looked beyond their faults and showed them much love fam! So much!

You see,that same love that He showed and continues to show to us today,is the same love He expects us to show others. To love others like you do you.

If this is what is expected and required of us, can we then as living epistles,imitators of Christ still love other people unconditionally even if we fully know who they are? Can we still love another even when we know they are struggling with sin? Do we rebuke,but speak the truth in love? Do we extend Grace whilst sharing the truth that sets us free? Or, do we just backbite,gossip,butcher them or classify them as misfits and lepers?

“Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins.” ~ 1 Peter 4:8

“Dear friends, let us love one another, for love comes from God. Everyone who loves has been born of God and knows God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.” ~ 1 John 4:7


Love and Blessings,
Adja Amy