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  • Maturity

    Love and blessings, Adja Amy Read more

  • Be of help; even when you don’t have to!

    I was excited travelling through Turkey . On my departure from Istanbul’s beautiful, big airport,I met two elderly ladies who didn’t know their left from their right . They asked for help but could only speak French creole. Being a French speaker,I managed to make sense of what they were trying to say.Thankfully ,they were… Read more

  • Hand of friendship

    Relationships are a very crucial aspect of life. A popular saying affirms that ‘no man is an island’. I believe that this is absolutely true!In order for man to thrive, he needs to ‘cultivate’ relationships.Relationships can include romantic,friendship,career,business relationships,etc. If anyone extends a hand of fellowship, love or friendship to you and you do not… Read more

  • What If ?

    La Tour Eiffel … Last year,today,I garnered the courage and made it to the 2nd floor of this magnificent architectural edifice, bearing in mind that the only height I can withstand is the sky ,in an aeroplane! Lol…It took a lot for me to actually go past the 1st floor,thanks to fear. Having now defeated… Read more

  • Half the year!

    When the year began,I am pretty sure you had made ‘resolutions’(do we actually keep to them) or had set goals that you would have accomplished by now.Six months down the line,have you accomplished them? What has stopped you? What is stopping you? I set aside what I wanted to start or brush up on by… Read more

  • Love Like He Does

    In the Word,there are so many stories and examples of the manner in which Yeshua demonstrated his love for people. He performed miracles, fed thousands, and even still showed so much love for people like Judas Iscariot and Paul,whom he gave a second chance at life . The beauty of it all is that,Yeshua loved… Read more