I have song, I have a lullaby
I can’t but comprehend God’s GRANDEUR
No words enough to express His MAGNITUDE
For keeping me from destruction
His DICTIONARY of love for me-too great for human understanding
His love for me- void of deception;all there is within is restoration.

In the palm of His hands has He engraved me, the joy of which I can’t describe
He has assured me all I need is wrapped up in His LOVE
A golden wrapped gift waiting to be unfolded
In it, I find beauty incomparable to man’s capacity to give
Joy unspeakable
Peace surmounting all carnal knowledge

In his Love,I find virtue for true worship
Wherein I can humbly reverence His name
Enabling me to refrain from youthful exuberance
His love, I have encountered in tremendous measure
Before I was, He knew me , and He predestined me
He causes me to experience the Splendor of His beauty.

At the point of life where all hope is ended
He matures me into a greater realm of glory
All I need do is call Him
He daily moulds me, refines my gifts
Through persecution, a bouncing beautiful baby is born
Yes, a baby carrying my song, my lullaby.

©Aminata A.R.Dibassey
April 2009.

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