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Delvyn from the USA

  • Society’s Rule

    Society seems to set a rule(permit me to say)of dos and don’ts,cans and can’ts (with timelines)for many people and sadly,many adhere to some of these limitations. No one will marry you with kids.You get to an age where no man would be interested in you.You cannot have a child after a certain age.You do not… Read more

  • February!

    Some may see it as just another month. Some may see as just another change in calendar timing.But I see it as a special month. Welcome to February,the month of my birth! 🙌🏾The month where it was orchestrated that I become a part and parcel of this life on Earth after being conceived months back… Read more

  • Allumes Le Feu (Fire Up -French)

    ALLUMES LE FEU! (Fire Up) Bienvenue en 2018! Bienvenue dans cette nouvelle année! Une année symbolique où nous sommes entrain de prendre beaucoup de résolutions sans cesse. Des décisions qui des fois, franchement parlant, sont vite oubliées et ne sont pas souvent réalisées! J’espère que cette année a très bien commencée pour toi. Je peux… Read more

  • Fire Up!

    Welcome to the year 2018! Welcome to another new year,symbolic with people making never-ending resolutions that honestly speaking do not always see the light of day! I hope your year has begun in great style . I can attest that mine has,even thought the ongoing flu tried to get the best of me walking in… Read more

  • Seek To Know

    Here I am, (as I write this)walking from the train station to work. I came across something that sent my mind on a roller coaster. 😊… I see lessons in everything and everything that I come across. I began to think 💭: With life comes changes and experience. The more we grow,the more we learn .There… Read more

  • Simply Love You

    Growing up as an adolescent,I was not really into makeup and wigs.It was not until I was 23 that I started paying attention to make up but not in an extreme way. Even as I write this ,I’m still not obsessed with makeup. As long as my skin is clean and I look decent,I’m good… Read more