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  • The journey

    Life is a journey.On this journey,there are many roads,many paths to navigate through,many rivers to cross,many mountains to climb and many hurdles to surmount. One thing that remains certain is that this journey is never-ending until as at that time when we no longer have the breath of life. As you walk through ,be reminded… Read more

  • If You Will(Poem)

    If you will love me, love me now Don’t love me when your love would not matter any longer If you will buy me flowers, buy them now Don’t buy them when I have no breath to smell their beautiful essence If you will pamper me with gifts, pamper me now Don’t pamper me when… Read more

  • I Refuse!

    As I woke this morning, a thought came to mind. Limitation! Yes, my mind reminisced on how once upon a time , man tried to limit me from becoming all I ought to be and more. I was told I could not achieve much because I was of a particular colour. Today , I stand… Read more

  • Sometimes (Poetry)

    Sometimes Sometimes I feel like a bucket Daily filled with other’s cares and worries Sometimes Sometimes I feel like a mother A mother of many nations looking for relief A shoulder for comfort Sometimes I feel Sometimes I feel Sometimes I feel like No,I don’t want to hear No,I don’t want to listen No,I don’t… Read more

  • Emotional Abusers;Can You Recognise Them

    Holla to everyone snowed in on this day. 🙂 Hola to those of you in the sunshine! I would trade places with you;like right now!:-) The weather has been interesting in London and as a result, some of us are still under the warmth of our duvets.I consider such a time as a time to… Read more

  • Exempted!

    Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord even when the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. He was exempted! Singled out! As I studied and meditated through the book of Genesis, this particular verse(6)in chapter 6 struck a cord. I believe… Read more