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  • What we WANT .v. what we NEED!(Deliver us from compulsive spending!)

    ‘’And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from… ‘Mat 6:13 NKJV Jimmy Choo shoes Prada bag Vivienne Westwood costume Versace Perfume Brazilian lace wig Berluti shoes Savil row outfits and what is that again that tickles a man’s fancy? Shana earned a lot of money from a contract she secured for her… Read more

  • So you have a new year resolution?

    There is something about the New Year that makes everything seem so fresh and so clean.We make resolutions – a commitment to a personal goal,project,or the reforming of a habit.Truth is,there is actually nothing magical that happens when the clock strikes midnight between December 31 and Jan 1.Once the reality of time(a move from one… Read more

  • Be of good cheer;it’s a new day!

    There are many walking the surface of the earth with a bruised and wounded spirit;a broken heart,relationship or home; elusive dreams and a destiny almost forgotten. Every so often,most of us,like the many walking with their heads hunched and their hearts in the hunt for a loving touch endure a lot of trauma.Things do not… Read more


    Wow, another month gone, another glorious year is setting in gradually. Aren’t we grateful we still can breathe? Once in a while, I take time out to be silent, to think and listen out to the spirit within. Whilst in one of those moments thinking about life, love and the in-betweens, a few stuff dropped… Read more

  • I am not my sin!

    Romans 3:23 Wow, is it not so incredible that God can use someone the world considers a ‘beyond measure sinner’ to do mighty works? He must really be such a forgiving Man to deliver a ‘message ‘of freedom through one who has abused the gift of liberty!From the look of things since creation, I have… Read more

  • It is difficult but never impossible!

    On a chilly, cloudy autumn morning, I woke up with these thoughts heavy in my spirit: ‘There is utterly nothing on earth that cannot be forgiven. There is also no quantity of damage where restoration is impossible. It all begins with a frame of mind,a strength of will which lies entirely in our hands. In… Read more