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  • ~I Have Fallen But Grace~

    From the time I purchased Tye Tribbett’s Fresh album, the 13th track in the Cd ‘When the Rocks Hit The Ground, has not ceased playing on my iTunes, my Blackberry, everywhere! The first time I played the song, I felt it’s one of those songs that was, ‘aight’. It took me listening to the same… Read more

  • Persistence Pays~He won’t Pass You By~

    ”If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” Bartimeus, a blind man from birth, the son of Timaeus, sat by the roadside begging. He was hoping people would show him love. As he was about his usual way, suddenly, he heard a commotion. When he learnt that it was Jesus of… Read more

  • In the beginning…Think, Believe and Speak

    I wonder if you have ever experienced this but it is just so startling how differently we get to comprehend something we had earlier understood in another light. As I faithfully follow my bible in 90-days plan, passages I have read and meditated upon in the past are now coming out with a completely new… Read more

  • Have You Said Thank You Lately?

    One of the greatest things that stirs God’s heart and even the people around us is our ability to show gratitude. Gratefulness is appreciating benefits received; being thankful.When someone says ‘thank you’ after a good deed, it encourages and opens us to bless them again. But when one turns out an ingrate,it turns off most… Read more

  • Lose Yourself!

    Welcome to the ‘love month’ -my month! Whoohoo, I’m so blessed! 🙂 Long after the New Year hype and vibe is over and done with, what have you made of the past days? Incredible how the days are quietly blown away like cool breeze isn’t it? Be honest with yourself and cast your mind back.What… Read more

  • Excellence Is The Deal!

    “Excellence can be obtained if you…care more than others think is wise…risk more than others think is safe…dream more than others think is practical…expect more than others think is possible.” The term business may send shivers down the spine of most people who dislike mathematics and tremble at the thought of buying and selling. Business,however,grows… Read more