At my work, there’s a slot during 1:1s with the manager where we spend time to talk about how we were doing. The question we focus on is not just ‘How are you’ but ‘ How are you, really’?

It’s easy to say ‘I’m fine’ when asked the former. But the latter question gives us an opportunity to explore our feelings, emotions, well-being and all to the extent to which we feel free to share.

Today, as we relate with people, I encourage us to take time to ask 1 person, ‘how are you really’! This may provide them with the opportunity to share their hearts in a way that they wouldn’t, should you only ask ‘how are you’!

And let me encourage us all… If ‘how are you really’ brings tears or triggers something in you, please know that the journey of life may not always be straightforward and smooth. There will be bumpy roads here and there, pitfalls and all but regardless of the tears, pains and hurts, make a choice to not stay there!

I’m not going to sit and tell you it’s easy but cry all you can but please don’t stay there. God bless!

Love and Blessings,



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