Welcome to a New Year! The past year has been challenging for many of us, however, we would not let it stand in the way of our greatness this year.

No matter what you have been through, life is giving you another opportunity to be great. And whilst you’re on your journey to greatness, remember that you do not have to be great to get started, but you have to get started in order to be great as Les Brown puts it.

The human mind is like a piece of land in the hands of a farmer. It does not care what you plant in it. It will return what you plant. What are you planting on your piece of land?

On the way to greatness, you can either plant success or failure. Whatever you plant, remember that that it is what you will yield during harvest. Now go on and plant; go and be great because above all things, God wishes that you prosper and be in good health just as your soul prospers! Blessed New Year!

Love and Blessings,

Adja Amy


One response to “Go and Be great!”

  1. Contributor Avatar

    Happy new year missy. Make a great year xx

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