Envy is an evil disease. When you see your neighbour prospering, embrace their success. Before they arrived at their current destination, they perhaps had to make unimaginable sacrifices. They probably cried a million unknown tears. They even may have had scars embedded within their soul on the course of the journey. You just may never know the cost of their success. So, rather than envying that individual, why not rejoice with/for them? Why not trust God that He will bless you in the manner He seems fit?

Remember that safe people don’t take pleasure in envy. They are genuinely grateful for the good in another’s life in spite of it all!

If the person around you is making progress, be encouraged by their success. Use their story as a driving force and catapult to achieving your own goals.

Adja Amy

PS: Safe People by Psychologists Drs Cloud & Townsend is a must read.


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