I hear it is widely said that if you don’t take risks, you would achieve so little in life. Risks-all of life is wrapped up in risk- taking. When we step out of what we know and put our foot forward into the unknown, it’s a risk we have taken. When we leave one business or job opportunity to embrace another ,it’s a risk we’re taking. Above all, when we meet new people we have never met and allow them into our space ,into our life it’s a risk we’re taking. What will determine the success of your risk-taking is the trust you put in not just yourself but also the people in whose account you’re taking the risk for. Risk and trust work hand in hand.

It’s so easy to remain in your comfort zone and have a merry-go-round life!However, if you want to achieve greatnesses,you’ll need to step out of the shoes of the place you have always known and wear a shoes of the unknown! Don’t be afraid; take risks! Wise Risks!
Adja Amy


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