It is amazing how we sometimes resist and fight God when all He is doing is to deliver us from instances or people who are of no good to our tomorrow.We strive incessantly and try to hold on unto what we ought to let go.

But God,He sees ahead.He sees what we cannot see.He knows what we do not know. So,why not trust him when he takes away certain people from our lives? Why not trust Him when He keeps us from getting to that place we believe is best for us? He knows what’s best!Trust Him with all your heart.Lean not on your own understanding. Shalom!

Love and Blessings,
Adja Amy


2 responses to “He knows…”

  1. Mo Avatar

    So true my sister. He Always Calms The Storm.

    1. Adja Amy Avatar

      Indeed,He does sister! 🙌

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