I was in the kitchen today ,frying plantain. If you know me,you should know that plantain is Bae!!☺️I just don’t seem to understand people who have tasted but do not love plantain! You really are missing out o: !

Anyway,that’s not really where my train of thoughts were at whilst frying(My mind is always thinking;sometimes,creatively!)

As I stood there in the kitchen ,I began to think about writers and how some of us creative writes make ourselves vulnerable through our writing. We write about our experiences. We write about our deepest fears. We write about our secrets. We write about our lost love . We write about our failures and so on.We bare our soul not only to those close, but to people we may probably never meet.

Our vulnerability,through the words we scribble does not portray weakness. It does not portray lack of confidence. Our vulnerability simply means that we are courageous enough to speak our heart, in the hope that someone ,somewhere will learn from our writing ,will learn from our experiences and will gain wisdom that may be of help to them in the future .

Next time you meet a writer who bares it all through the pages of a paper ,a book or a blog ,don’t think of their vulnerability as weakness. Think of it as power;power to make a difference to a soul. Power to make a difference to a life!

Love and Blessings,
Adja Amy


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