Losing a mother ,a father, a child ,a husband,wife,grandfather,grandmother or a very close individual can be one of the most difficult seasons of life.It’s a time where you’re not sure how to view life and the future …It’s a time where you see some people’s true nature…It’s a time of mixed realities.It’s a time of mixed emotions…But through it all, you can make a conscious effort to either STAY DOWN or GET UP & run again, even with pain in your heart.

Take all the time to grieve,but don’t stay there forever.Don’t underestimate your need to grieve,but don’t stay there. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to grieve,but don’t stay there …I am sure your loved one would want you to make the best of life… And how else can you make the best of life if you stay stuck on the bed of grief?

I pray for each one of us who has lost a precious one. Be strong and courageous…It’s easier said than done but,it’s not impossible.

Love and Blessings,
Adja Amy Dibassey0017DE88-5120-4557-AB2E-3E647F35DD31.jpeg


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