The journey

Life is a journey.On this journey,there are many roads,many paths to navigate through,many rivers to cross,many mountains to climb and many hurdles to surmount. One thing that remains certain is that this journey is never-ending until as at that time when we no longer have the breath of life.

As you walk through ,be reminded that where you are standing now is not the end of your road.Even when you come to a blocked road,somehow,you can still find your way again.There is still a path ahead of you that you ought to follow.There is still a river that you ought to swim through.There is still that mountain that you ought to face and climb over. There is still that hurdle that you ought to surmount whatever it takes.So,be encouraged and keep walking!

I pray your strength will be renewed ,that you shall mount up with wings like an eagle,that you will run and not grow weary and that you will walk and would not faint.

Love and Blessing

Adja Amy
#Instagram @musingsbyadjaamy

2 thoughts on “The journey

  1. Great missing Adja! A man’s location is not his destination, but a phase in his life. But he must have courage and will power to look beyond the things that do appear, progress and overcome every friction on the track of his motion!

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