I Refuse!

As I woke this morning, a thought came to mind. Limitation! Yes, my mind reminisced on how once upon a time , man tried to limit me from becoming all I ought to be and more.

I was told I could not achieve much because I was of a particular colour.
Today , I stand to prove the person wrong.I have and continue to achieve every goal and dreams are becoming reality. I am on radio not just in the UK 🇬🇧 but in the USA 🇺🇸,broadcasting to hundreds of thousands across the globe, something I was told I could never achieve. And there is more!

Had I listened and allowed my mind to be blinded by the limitation of man, I would not be sharing this with you.

I was resolute and promised myself that I would not be limited when I have an incredible big God who has me in the palm of his hands.

On this journey, I still encounter people who try to put me in a box, but each time, I say to myself:

Today ,I refuse to be limited by man.

I refuse to be caged in a box of man’s limitation.

I refuse to create a prison of limitation in my heart and mind .

I refuse to focus on what man says I can or cannot do.

I choose to believe that I can and will achieve greater!

I choose to breakout of the box of limitation and breakforth into sucesss.

I am walking and working towards greateness.

Even though challenges may arise , I will crawl,leap,walk,jump and soar like and eagle! 🦅

I will chase my dream because I’m worth it . I am a champion ! And so are you!

So, Champion Live!!!

Happy Sunday!

Love and Blessings,
(Music by Lawrence Flowers & Intercession-Champion Live)

One thought on “I Refuse!

  1. God’s plan for you is to give you a good future and an expected end. Nobody, I repeat nobody can stop what God is doing and going to do in your life.

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