Everyday,I come across people who have reached breaking point.Working in mental health has exposed my mind and eyes to the reality of how deep mental health disability can affect,limit and impact one’s life.

One emotion that takes over me as I walk into work daily is gratefulness. Gratefulness for my sanity.Gratefulness for my ability to make conscious decisions.Gratefulness for my mind;my peace of mind.

There are real,responsible people just like you and I whose lives have come to a halt as a result of their mental health.Not fit enough to always make decisions for themselves,they rely on others for simple tasks that I could do in a twinkling of an eye.

But,everyone experiencing mental health challenges is not in hospital,or sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Some are right next door.Some in our homes.Some,even we ourselves .

Depression,anxiety,suicidal thoughts and fear are nothing but a fragment of mental challenges that can affect our ability to function as we were designed to.

Today,as you go about your day to day business,take a moment and reach out to someone far and near.There are many crying out in silence.There are many dying in the dark.Would you please reach out and just say:’hello,how are you doing’and really mean it.

Hello! How are you?


2 responses to “Hello! How Are You?”

  1. Relle Avatar

    Thank you Anty adja Aminata God bless you

    1. Adja Amy Avatar

      Merci So. Bisous.

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