Too Soon To Judge!


Once,I went on work-related training, and there was this lady who I thought was not so kind, unfriendly & too serious in the room. That was my perspective ,my opinion of someone I had just met for the first time.At the end,when we were signing the register,I saw her name and where she was working and I was like:My! I’m going to be working with this woman in a few months’! She was my future colleague 😱Lol.

Fast forward 7 months,I’ve come to realise that my opinion of her was so wrong.She actually is a lovely,honest and funny young lady who makes me laugh and laugh.

That experience taught me so much about myself and how I relate with others.

You see, many times,we get carried away by our first impressions,opinions about someone and we fail to see the good in them .

What if we gave ourselves a chance to know them better before judging their person? The world would be a better place then ,wouldn’t it?Unless it’s a job interview where your judgement is based on what you see there and then,why don’t we give ourselves a chance to really know people before we think ill of them?

Not everybody is readily open to receiving others into their space;it takes time for some people!!

PS: I repented,lol.And I told her about how I felt about her on that first day I saw her.She laughed.We laughed…And now we’re so cool with each other!

Hope you learn a lesson or two from my experience.


Adja Amy 😘


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