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From My Heart-Media by Adja Amy

The souls of many are crying my tears. Sorrow fills the heart of God’s own for they have been despised, rejected and pushed away by their own. They have been cast aside, like the leper who has no one to love them. Where is the love that Christ once spoke about? What happened to ‘love your neighbour as you love yourself’?

The Clock is ticking. Everyone is running back and forth, advancing their own cause. ‘Excuse me, my heart is desperate. I’m dying, I need help’ cries out a woman in pain. ‘Somebody come to my rescue, I can’t take this anymore’ calls out a man who has tried everything.But hey,the pace at which everyone moves just numbs the people’s cry. Who will help us? Who is the Jesus we see here on earth? What happened to the church of love where it’s not about making the money, acquiring the…

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