Stop Waiting For Life To Begin!

I cannot imagine though I have written more than a few times in the month gone, yet, I have not posted anything up until now. As one matures, responsibilities multiply and time becomes more of a luxury but always put first things first .Take care of the very essential.

Here’s one to bless you as you ponder about life, how far you’ve come and or how your life is delayed by circumstances you tried as much to evade but fate said otherwise. Yes, sometimes we plan our lives, what we want and how we want but it does not always happen as we intend. I’m at a point where God’s dealing me a whole lot. I’m not fully where I want to be, but I also remember that man purposes in his heart but God determines his steps-what happens, when it happens and how it happens. Moreover, He has great plans for you and I and He’ll make all things beautiful in His time, timing and season.

As you make decisions that will make your life better, I encourage you to not become too engrossed in the things that are not working forgetting the life you have; the air you breath that a person on the verge of death is wishing for; the freedom you have that someone in Iran or Libya is desperately longing for or simply the food available to you that a person in Somalia will do anything to lay hands on.

When I get more money…When I marry…When I go to university…When I travel abroad…When I move into my new house… When I…When I…You have a life to live NOW .Stop waiting for your life to begin because your life is waiting for you to begin. Don’t put you on hold because your hopes have not materialized. Hope does not disappoint nor make ashamed.

Live your life today so you won’t have regrets of having been alive yet not having lived at all. I have held me for several years, failing to socialize as a young person .One, because I have been a shy person for most of my life and two ,I had always told myself ‘until I got a little bit slimmer’, then will I begin to enjoy my youth. To be real,(I tend to go a bit personal in my writing because I am my best experience and can only share well stuff I have experienced) as I get close to the big 30 in a little less than 7 months, my perspective of life is changing. Things that tormented my soul and gave me constant migraine are no longer a stress factor. I find myself living God’s purpose for me, interacting and socializing more .All that is building confidence in this once shy princess.

There are far more important things to life than wanting to look like Halle Berry, having curvy hips like Beyonce , or possessing the riches of Beckham or Obama. Sometimes, cartoons give us some real life teachings. I don’t know if you do, but I remember a few lyrics from a song that used to be somewhat a national anthem for my siblings and I,, from ‘The Little Mermaid’:

‘The seaweed is always greener in somebody else’s lake.
You dream about going up there but that’s a big mistake.
Just look at d world around you right here on the ocean floor…
Under the sea… down here it’s better take it from me.
Up on the shore they work all day. Out in the sun, they slave away…’

Now I have jumbled the words and I know for sure you won’t blame me considering the fact that I’m a little bit over childhood.:-) What’s the idea behind me striking your memory back to yesteryears? Be content with who and where you are even if someone’s seaweed looks greener. If only you could see beyond their smile, you’ll be amazed to discover it’s not as greener as you think. If God wants you ‘there’, at a particular time, He’ll take you there. After all, He is All-Knowing so has a better idea of all you need than you do. Stop waiting for your life to begin. Discover and/or live your purpose. When you truly begin to live in your calling, no trivial things will take you in as much as it did in the past or is doing now.

Life is for living. Take a look at your hand .Fold it into a fist and observe your knuckles.Again, release your hand from the fist and observe your knuckle. (Don’t just read, please do!) What do you see? As you fold your hand, the lines on your knuckles appear clear and youthful but as you release it from the fist, they become wrinkled. Use this to remind you that you may be young now but just as the unfolded hand, you’ll one day be at that stage where you will wish you lived enough to have life changing stories or a legacy for your children and grandchildren.

Life is for living. Begin living today lest you regret that you did not live when you had the opportunity. Let go some of the things, people you’re clutching unto as tight as a purse full of pounds or dollars. Let go yesterday’s hurt, lack, betrayal, disappointment, shame, failure, the nothings and make ready your future by living your best today. Stop struggling with and fighting life.As I love sayin:‘A tree-bearing fruit begins from a seed.Start from where you are now.Don’t wait for the big platform.God works in small ways that culminate into bigger things.

‘ Seek first the kingdom of God and all its righteousness and every other thing shall be added to you. ’ (This is a lesson to me personally too. I pray it blesses you. If you have struggled with life like I once did, it’s time to LIVE!)

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