Whether you are a size 6 or size 24, you are beautiful. Sometimes you intently look at yourself in the mirror and don’t like the reflection. You believe there’s something wrong about your image that needs change. You feel empty, purposeless, and unsure of yourself and think what you look like should not be what you should look like.

There are times you embrace the media’s gospel which tells you ‘in order to be beautiful, this is how you should look like’. Every time you see the models in the magazine, you pinch yourself and blame God for not making you that person your mind is envisioning. You judge yourself,your achievements by what you see in the mirror.

Hollywood movies portray true beauty as what is seen on the external and you have now made it your aim to be like Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and all those you see on the screens. God created you in His image and likeness, whether man or woman. When He formed you, He didn’t have to consult or work in partnership with the media, Hollywood or the folks calling you ugly. He made you just as He planned even before you were. And God aint ugly, therefore you cannot be ugly.

No matter what you have been told. No matter the number of times you have been rejected. Regardless of how fat, thin, short or tall you may be, you are accepted. You are loved. You are beautiful. You are God’s workmanship created to produce good works. You are not imperfect but a gift to this world .Your unfeigned beauty is what radiates from your inner soul. God has turned your ashes into beauty and He has made you beautiful. Walk with your head lifted high .Smile confidently. Change the negative perception. Be secure in God’s love, who you are in Him and know you are beautiful. You are beautiful.

With Love,
Adja Amy.

‘The way He looks at me, The way He smiles cause I’m His, The way He cares for me ,The way He gives me happiness, He thinks I’m lovely, Like a cherished rose, A diamond sparkling. The apple of His eye, He’d gladly give His life for mine. I’m so amazed by You, You took away the ugly lie, And showed me the truth

Next to Him, I’m so small
He’s so perfect, I’m so flawed
I’m so poor and He’s the maker of all
He’s the melody that makes my soul sing
He adores me, though I’m so unworthy
And I can say, I’m beautiful,
Because He sees me

I’ve never been so loved, And I still can’t comprehend how. Much more is enough, Cause all I know is what I feel right now. He overwhelms me. I laugh, I cry, I dance, I sing, I write As if my body
Just can’t contain all this praise inside. I’m so amazed by You. You took away the ugly lie. And showed me the truth. I never knew such pride could be found Hidden here on my knees in humility.
I’m confident you know me well. Just the way I am, and you still You call me beautiful!’ Beckah Shae-I’m beautiful.


2 responses to “Beautiful”

  1. cynthia Avatar

    for i shall be called hephzibah…..nice one,dear……

  2. cynthia Avatar

    a song so inspiring…..it simply had to be shared…..thumbs up,girl….your blog writings are impressive….may you grow from strength to strength and grace grace…IJN.

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