God is working wonderful things concerning us.He is uniting everything that has been thrown into disarray. According to Ezekiel 37,He is causing his Ruach breath to enter the dry bones and is bringing them to life. He is attaching tendons to them, making flesh come upon them, and covering them with skin. He says ‘I will put breath in you, and you will come to life. Then you will know that I am the LORD.’

Right now, it is looking or it is going to look like it has just gotten worst.The fire has increased.Pressure has mounted and it seems hell has been let loose.There are decision you have to make or even take risky steps,however,fear is holding you back and confusion is crippling you from moving so you may enter your new season.Only be strong,courageous and have no fear because God will not cause the gates of hell to prevail against us.He is with us in every circumstance (Is 43:1-13).

Each time God wants to work,there is a shift in the atmosphere.He moves us out of our comfort zone and pushes us towards the unknown.Whatever choice we make now will determine the course of our destiny. There will be plenty of ‘what ifs, where will , how will , will they like/help me?’Your imagination will certainly run wild in these times.Don’t let the spirit of fear hinder you from rising up and deciding ‘ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.I am not having this anymore! I’m breaking out of this circle and I’m ready to expand. If it takes starting at point zero, I’m ready to take the stand.If it’s going to be,it’s up to me.’As you take the bull by its horns,make sure you have God’s presence at all times.There is nothing worse than doing it all without His presence!If it aint God,don’t try it.In His presence alone can we find total joy!

Energy is consumed wherever there is an expansion.Consider a balloon.Before it gets into shape,air needs to be blown into it.As one blows,breath is painfully released;muscles expanded and it may hurt. Nevertheless,the joy is in the fact that as one continues to blow,a desired result is sure.Is there a wind blowing hard on you? Know it’s not meant to destroy but rather expand you,strengthen your muscles,stretch you and set you up for greater things.Tea goes through hot water before its full flavour is brought out.It takes squeezing before the juice can come out of a lemon.Grapes need pressing to make wine.Whatever the pressure,be still and know He is God!

Don’t look back at what you are leaving behind nor the things you don’t have.If it’s God,take that giant step.He will provide whatsoever you need.Envision a glorious future,it’s the only thing that matters today.Look to God because man will fail you even if they have promised or sworn with their life.As men,we easily forget our promises especially when the waters get hot.Besides,God says ‘woe unto he who puts his trust in man says ‘Jer 17:5.Depend on God always.As you do,He will fill you with wisdom,protect and preserve you and send His angels to go before you and make every crooked path straight.Trust me;I can only say what I know though no man has revealed this to me.

There’s a shifting,new beginnings.FIGHT,MOVE AND WIN!It’s time to get into newer dimensions.You may say it’s better said than done but I tell you,I am not writing this from a bed of roses.I for one, am going through some shifting times.I trust God that the shaking beneath my feet is not in vain.I pray for you going through some shaking,grinding,shifting,pruning that you will derive strength from God and graciously enter into your new season.God will never ever give us more than we can bear.

Each time you feel the issue is about to destroy you,take a deep breath and know God is our present help in times of need.What if that challenge or shift is the only means God has chosen to bring you out of and into?Mind you,the spirit of your comfort zone will tell you, ‘you are great where you are, why bother?You don’t even know what awaits you on the other side,why move? ‘Well,good is always fighting better and better,best.One will always want to stop you from experiencing the other.It’s time to make up our minds to FIGHT,MOVE AND WIN!

I feel such a fire in my spirit for this new season and beyond. Thank God for I am only a vessel.Be excited;don’t deny the challenge(s) but don’t focus your gaze on it either. The problem is preparing you to be a solution and a problem-solver.There can be no solution where there is no equation to solve,Set your heart towards new beginnings. Shift, Shift, Shift.

Joshua 1:9
‘’Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest’’


References: http://www.biblestudy.org, NIV Bible, The Message


2 responses to “There’s A Shifting…New Beginnings!(contd)”

  1. Carl Nzeribe Avatar
    Carl Nzeribe

    WOW. Simply WOW!!!!!!!! I receive it in Jesus Name………………

  2. adjaamy Avatar

    Amen Bruv,Amen!Thanks for your constant encouragement.I’m truly honoured.One!

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