Letter From God 3

My cherished child, once more I’m here with yet another word from my heart. It gives me joy to constantly remind you that in the midst of the great sufferings and distress caused by adversity in and around your world,I love and value you. I am concerned with all that pertains to you. I derive pleasure from everything that will trigger your gleaming smile. Don’t keep in sight the challenging condition, for it would only leave you shattered. Set your heart towards the great things I have in store. Look to a brighter day.

Today, I wish to let you know you are called by my name. You are my redeemed; clay in my hand. I am making you a force to reckon with.The world will not always ascertain this truth but I say I love you exceedingly. Who you are is not a factor of what you do, where you are nor the things happening to you. You are what I say you are. Let the words I utter be the ones to soothe your heart each day.

In the land of turbulence, wars and famine, I will forever be your Jireh,the One who provides manna in the wilderness. Though the storm rages and the seas roar, I hold your hand and I say ‘Be not afraid!I am the One who aids you.

Through the deep waters, I am there. In moments of difficulty, you will not be drowned. When the fire of oppression rises up against you, you would not be burnt down or brought to ruin. The flames will not consume you. I dwell in abundance therefore,I have enough to quench your thirst and irrigate the dry and arid areas of your life. Don’t you tremble or fret! Did I not proclaim my purposes for you long ago? Should I bring you to remembrance of what I said? I said ‘For I know the thoughts I think towards you. They are of good and not evil’.  Each time you dial a tone and call on me, I will answer and show you great and mighty things.

Your present location is not your final destination. You are not a ‘problem’ but a solution in the making. You won’t always be here. You will get to your ‘there’. This too shall pass. I aspire to see you prosper and be in good health just as your soul prospers because I created you and I saw that you are good. I am well pleased in you precious jewel.

I am the First and the Last. Whatever I am capable of doing, no one else can. Have faith in me. Hope in me.

In case I am catching you off guard, always recall that from the start of the day, I am God. None can snatch you out of my hand. The great deal I have done and will do no one can undo. I unbolt doors no man can shut. I even shut the mouth of the lion for your sake and deliver you from the fiery burning furnace.

Need I tell you again never to give up? Your light affliction is momentary.It is effectively working for your good because you love me but above all, I loved you first. Always keep in mind who you are and my promises to you so you will not compromise in the face of terrible waters.
In my eyes, you are incredible! I MADE YOU GOOD! In your mama’s womb, I pre-destined you unto greatness. You are a champion, a head and not a tail. You are a conqueror and I love you that much.

As I continue to work on your behalf, I say peace, be still and know that I am God. Though your visions and dreams tarry, hang on, it shall come to pass. I will not fall short on my word. I never back down or back out. I never lie and therefore have no need for repentance. That which I have promised, I would do. I brought you to it, I will bring you through and out of it.

Be rest assured I am not a distant Father. I am nearer than you ever know or feel. My staff and rod comforts you. I prepare a table in the presence of your enemies. Like a mother comforts her child,so am I comforting and will always comfort you. Place your hand in mine, let us walk together. Let me direct your step towards the right track. I will never let you go. Would you give me that pleasure?

With love,
Your Father….

© Adja Aminata Rachel Dibassey

Scripture References: Jeremiah 29:11, Isaiah 66:13


6 responses to “Letter From God 3”

  1. Abraham Avatar

    lovely one Amy!!!

    1. adjaamy Avatar

      Thanks Man of God!

  2. Diane Avatar

    Put this to music………………..God Richly bless you. lol

    1. adjaamy Avatar

      Thanks Diane.I sure will in due season.Remain blessed and a blessing!

  3. elaine nelson Avatar
    elaine nelson

    This has truly blessed me ………….thank you so,so much my dear Sis! May God richly bless you x

    1. adjaamy Avatar

      Amen!Thanks sis…Thank God it’s blessed you.Love and blessings!

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